Thank you for enrolling in our workshop, Tidy Data Science with the Tidyverse and Tidymodels. To prepare for the workshop:

Please have a computer or laptop that has the following installed:

  • A recent version of R (>=4.0.0), which is available for free at

  • A recent version of RStudio Desktop (>=1.4), available for free at (RStudio Desktop Open Source License)

  • The R packages we will use, which you can install by connecting to the internet, opening RStudio, and running at the command line:

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "tidymodels", "fivethirtyeight", "ggthemes",
                   "babynames", "nycflights13", "skimr", "here", "AmesHousing",
                   "rpart", "ranger", "kknn", "palmerpenguins", "vip", "themis",
                   "modeldata", "parallel", "doParallel", "reprex"),
                 dependencies = TRUE)

We look forward to meeting you,